[linux-audio-dev] Re: OSC vs MIDI

Artem Baguinski artm at v2.nl
Sat Sep 4 10:46:17 EDT 2004

Steve Harris wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 01, 2004 at 10:24:11PM +0200, Artem Baguinski wrote:
>>it wasn't maintained since around piksel gathering (nov 2003)... oh, and 
>>i'm afraid i have fixed some bugs on artist's offline machine and never 
>>brought the sources back to piksel site. the fixes made it compatible 
>>with Max/MSP's OSC objects (half of the installation is a max patch 
>>running on a mac). if Steve's interested i could find it.
> Dont worry about it for the moment, but I may get back to you when I add
> bundle support. I think SC uses bundles a lot so you may be stuck there.


>>finally, some of our (http://lab.v2.nl/) artistic hardware speaks OSC 
>>over bluetooth, but it's irrelevant coz there's always only one last 
>>prototype ;-)
> OSC over bluetooth is interesting. Any comments on it? How easy is the
> hardware to build? I know you can wire PICs to USB easily, but I dont know
> much about bluetooth.

i'm not involved in any of the projects where we used it. I know that 
for one project it was implemented in java on something like java stamp. 
Next year my research line is gonna merge with the sensors / wearables / 
wireless research of our hardware engineer and i'll be more informed.

> Would it be worth adding a bluetooth transport to liblo?

doesn't liblo support something like "custom pluggable transport"? 
that'd be useful for seldom used transports i guess.

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