[linux-audio-dev] HELP:porting linux audio driver to RTLinux(rtlinux core driver)

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Fri Apr 8 15:51:08 EDT 2005

>    I'm not sure why he's trying to do this because for audio the latest
>patched kernels appear to be more than adequate.  That said, I don't
>think you can get a guaranteed 15 microsecond interrupt response with
>anyone's patches to the standard kernel.  I wouldn't call what we have

true, but the problem with RTLinux is that you can get that kind of
response there either if your app involves stuff that runs in the
normal Linux kernel controlled space. to get that response, everything
has to be done within the RT-part of RTLinux, which is *not* a
POSIX-like development environment, for the simple reason that it
offers normal Linux as well :)

victor and i have spoken on the phone a few times about this (we used
to debate a lot on rec.talk.politics back in the mid-90s, and had
similar life aspirations). i just don't see it happening for anything
except a dedicated flat-front-panel embedded system. and given
Receptor/Plugzilla, perhaps not even then.


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