[linux-audio-dev] Concerning libfst, vstserver, and dssi-vst

Chris Cannam cannam at all-day-breakfast.com
Mon Apr 11 18:46:18 EDT 2005

On Monday 11 Apr 2005 23:19, Paul Davis wrote:
> the problem is that there is no single answer. if you want to run 1
> or 3 VSTi's then i would agree with chris' assessment (for now,
> anyway). but you cannot use this model to put a VST EQ on 12 tracks
> and a VST delay unit on 2 others and a VST looper on another. the
> architecture doesn't scale.

The VST-per-server implementation might not, but there's no very 
compelling reason not to have multiple VSTs in a single server serving 
multiple clients.  That would be less reliable than a dssi-vst type 
service can be, but no less reliable than fst, and it should scale 
nearly as well.  It's been on my todo list for ages...


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