[linux-audio-dev] Tracktion, JUCE and Linux

Julian Storer jules at rawmaterialsoftware.com
Wed Apr 27 09:32:43 EDT 2005

Oh god - I said I wouldn't get drawn into a licensing discussion here.. 
Ok, this is my last post on the subject - I find writing code more 
satisfying than discussing the finer philosophical points of it.

I'm certainly not trying to exploit anyone here - this isn't 
big-business. Imagine if someone did write an entire linux audio/midi 
system for me, and if I included it verbatim in Juce. It'd make up 
perhaps 0.1% of the total code. So even if I sold as many as 100 
commercial licenses over the next few years (in my dreams!), then the 
amount of money I'd earn from their contribution would barely be enough 
to buy a round of beers. Which I'd happily do for them, of course.


Paul Davis wrote:

>>What I still do find disturbing is that you claim your project to be GPL-ed.
>>The dual license scheme effectively allows any user to buy him/herself
>>out of his/her obligations under the GPL. The GPL itself does not AFAIK 
>>allow for such a buy-out, so as far as I can see it just doesn't apply.
>it can only be done by the user negotiating directly with Jules, who
>holds the copyright and is therefore not bound by the GPL with respect
>to his own code.
>a user who does this is effectively negotiating a new license
>agreement with the copyright holder. the GPL has nothing to say about
>what the copyright holder may or may not do under such circumstances,
>since its an agreement *between* the copyright holder and a user who
>has agreed to use the GPL. 
>someone may or may not like that Jules is willing to offer non-GPL
>licenses for JUCE, but he's completely free to do so, just as
>TrollTech do (did?) for Qt.
>i must say that the dual license nature of JUCE would be either the
>first or second most compelling reason for me, as a GPL-using
>developer, not to work with it. the idea that any work i contribute is
>free to end up in a close-source product for which i will receive
>neither compensation nor source code turns my stomach.

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