[linux-audio-dev] ZynAddSubFX 2.2.1 released

Paul paulgfx at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 28 11:31:30 EDT 2005

Yesterday I released ZynAddSubFX 2.2.1.
        - made to work with mxml-2.2 (will NOT work on
older versions of mxml)
        - it is possible to remove completely the
graphical user interface (e.g. it can r
un without X). For this you need to modify the
DISABLE_GUI option from the Makefile.inc
        - added a commandline -L which load a
instrument (.xiz) - now it only loads to pa
rt 0 (you can use this option with -l to load a master
file and after this the option -L
to replace the part)

You can find it at the usual place:


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