[linux-audio-dev] Disappointing LA community ?

Dubphil dubphil at free.fr
Tue Jan 4 04:38:32 EST 2005

Hello all,

This post is not a flame, it is just a questionning about how works and
thinks the Linux Audio Community...

Later on LAU and LAD there was a big and nervous thread that was
schematicaly  talking about the lack of manufacturers wanted to
collaborate with the Linux developpers in order to get their products
working on our favorite OS.

Recently I have succeeded in convicing a Manufacturer (Wave Idea) to
consider  the importance of giving Linux support to his products. I was
really convince myself that this initiative will be encouraged by the
Linux Audio community. That's why I have posted an help request to make
Wave Idea products fully Linux compliant.

I felt very disappointed when I saw my request stands quiet. Perhaps there
is something basic I don't understand about the Linux Audio Community as I
have register to the list only few months ago.

Tell me what is wrong with my post and how I could improve communication
with all LA fellows

Kind Regards

PS: perhaps because I'm french and my english is poor :)

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