[linux-audio-dev] Some input/feedback required

Fons Adriaensen fons.adriaensen at skynet.be
Fri Jan 7 11:55:40 EST 2005

Hello LAD,

Best wishes for 2005 to all !

During the Xmas period I've been working on a small app called 
'oscxyam'. It basically a 2-D control pad with OSC output. 
I wrote it to control sclang and scsynth, but it could be used
to send continuous control parameters to any OSC controlled

There are 4 'maps', each containing up to 12 'dots'. Moving
a dot sends out a configurable  OSC control message, normally
containing the (transformed) X,Y coordinates of the dot.
Transformations include linear, exponential and polar.
For example, to set SC3's control busses 4 and 5 you would use:

  /c_set ,ifif 4 X 5 Y

You'll find a link to a screenshot on the usual place:


There are currently three ways to move a dot (linked to
mouse buttons 1,2,3 but that could change):

1. A message is sent for each X11 motion event.
2. A message is sent only when the dot is released.
3. No messages are sent, when the dot is released it
   starts flashing. A click on the "Trig" buttong then
   sends the update messages for all such dots at the
   same time.

Now before I release this, I'd appreciate some inputs on
other potential 'modes', and how these should be controlled,
and also suggestions for additional features. For example
the message could include the mouse button used, or shift
states etc.
There are endless possibilities, but I want to include
only those that potential users find useful, rather than
just nice but confusing.


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