[linux-audio-dev] linuxsampler crashing anyway

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Tue Jan 25 08:34:37 EST 2005

  I did try the following things to get current cvs to work.
  I used the appropriate configuration method and then edited the 
Synthesizer.cpp and exchanged "ASM_X86_MMX_SSE" with "CPP" as in the other 
synthesizer_mode functions. The sampler compiled cleanly. But when running it 
(with OR WITHOUT the --no-tune option) it crashes after a few seconds. It 
  Zombified - calling shutdown handler.
  Then it keeps idling there. I have to use killall -9 linuxsampler to 
terminate it. CTRL-C doesn't work.
  Any idea. I use jack 0.99.47 (CVS from sunday.
  Is there anything I can do to help find this "bug?"? Some debug information, 
  Kindest regards

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