[linux-audio-dev] Re: Software controller for homemade edrums

Lachlan Davison ltdav1 at student.monash.edu
Fri Jun 3 09:01:51 EDT 2005

> Assembling piezo microphones, cardboard, foam, wood and a cymbal stand,
> I have just made my first DIY electronic pads. Actually it's electronic
> percussions, because I will play these mostly with hands.
> I've found a few sites about DIY "edrums" (1), as well as some detailed
> documentation about how to build a trigger-to-midi hardware controller 
> (2). But since I started this little project, I've been thinking about 
> plugging the piezo mikes directly into my soundcard inputs. My first 
> tests are very good : the signal is clean, and indicates faithfully how
> hard the pads get hit.

There will be a lot of developments in smack in the coming months on modeling hand drums and i think you might get some good results with your triggers and smack. You can also try pluggin the audio out of your triggers and the excitation signal for the physical modeling drums in smack. This would allow you to get a level of control that is very difficult with midi/osc in that it directly uses the attack/release/velocity etc of your triggers in the sound.

Give me a yell if you want a hand with using them like that, as i'd love the testing. 

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