[linux-audio-dev] Re: Software controller for homemade edrums

Olivier Guilyardi ml at xung.org
Mon Jun 6 09:24:32 EDT 2005

Hi Florian,

Florian Schmidt wrote:

>On Mon, 06 Jun 2005 12:05:24 +0200
>Olivier Guilyardi <ml at xung.org> wrote:
>>With this convolution approach, no need to "trigger" anything anymore, just use 
>>the signal as it is, and run it through the convolution engine. But BruteFIR 
>>seems like a complex tool, and I currently have no knowledge about so-called 
>for experiments you might also try my jack_convolve tool, which is a bit
>simpler to use..
I'm running Debian Sarge with a 2.4 kernel, and this libdsp which 
jack_convolve depends on is a real problem. libdsp needs nptl threading 
style, and that seems to require linux 2.6. I don't know if Debian 
supports nptl either.. I just can't compile libdsp.

I'm not going to switch to 2.6 now. I don't have enough time.

I tried removing the "DEFS += -DUSE_NPTL" line from the 
libdsp/DynThreads/Makefile, but it ends up complaining about a Mutex.hh 
file which does not seem to exists anywhere in the Debian distribution.

Before all of that, I tried to use the libdsp0 and libdsp-dev Debian 
packages, but these are both from the 3.3.6 libdsp release, which 
jack_convolve does not seem to recognize.


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