[linux-audio-dev] disaster day #1

Antonio "Willy" Malara behappy at maialone.com
Mon Jun 6 20:01:25 EDT 2005

Dave Phillips wrote:
>  I've been able to transfer a lot of stuff to my laptop via the local 
> network, but mounting the RH9 drive is very dangerous, things can freeze 
> at any moment. Alas, there's still stuff on that drive that I'd like to 
> retrieve.

you can get an ide-to-usb box, open it and mount the disk directly on 
the laptop... this little things are really useful in this bad times..

>  So there's something wrong with the box. Can anyone point me in the 
> right direction to begin troubleshooting this machine ? Could it be RAM 
> ? The graphics card ? Or what ?? And how can I test things on the 
> hardware side, i.e., what utilities are indicated ?

mmh.. the freeze-on-mouse-move issue is strange, maybe it could be the 
mobo chipset??

memtest86 is THE tool for checking the ram, for hardware side the only 
thing i can think is to toggle all hardware components and adding them 
one-by-one till you experience the problem again... or by installing the 
hardware on an another machine

>  Any and all suggestions vastly appreciated.

hope my two cents are worth the reading

> Best,
> dp

good luck

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