[linux-audio-dev] New toys for Mx44

Jens M Andreasen jens.andreasen at chello.se
Thu Jun 16 16:43:22 EDT 2005

Modulating "Magic" Numbers.

Given two instances of the rude pseudo sine fuction S:

#define S(n)(((n)*((n)^0x8000))>>13)^(((short)((n)^0x8000))>>15)

.. and offset them some 60 degrees with the "magic number" 0x14D4, then
they will partially cancel each other out to get you something that
*looks* like a sine wawe (but actually still have lots of harmonics.)

Now, what then if one was to change the offset, I thought. That should
result in different blends of harmonics, right?

So I made this new tiny button between the waweform selector and the
detune slider. Activating this button will do the following:

Frequency offset (detune) will detune the two instances against each

Phase parameters will change, not only the phase relative to the other
oscillators, but also the offset between the two instances of S().

I've set up oscillator one in patch H3 ready for experimentation. Forgot
to change the name though, so the title "op 1 on quack" is a reference
to the sound in H2, which is actually pretty amusing ... but only If you
are five years old!  :D   

Old and deaf R&R farts will probably prefer the "fat boy" in E8.

However, the implication is that I from this week can offer you two
oscillators for the price of one only.
Get'em from:


mvh // Jens M Andreasen

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