[linux-audio-dev] Re: Re: What Parts of Linux Audio Simply Work Great?

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Mon Jun 20 11:15:44 EDT 2005

Alfons Adriaensen wrote:

>... many musicians today can rightly be called audio professionals 
>in the sense that they use audio production equipment that was the
>specialist domain of trained audio engineers not some many years ago.
>But this does not mean
>   Audio professional == Musician.
I've had occasion to lament this fact. ;-)

But it's a good distinction. As a professional musician I want what 
professional audio recording engineers have, in terms of quality and 
accessibility, but of course I do not claim to be an audio professional.

>In both examples at hand (my fav rock band, and Dave), the people
>involved essentially work with their own material only. If they
>screw it up, they will be the only ones to blame and to suffer.
>Also, the professional audio work they do is limited to their
>own requirements, and they set their own standards.
>But not all audio professionals work in these favorable conditions.
>When the files on your hard disk are not related to your own
>musical (or other) activities but represent the (often considerable)
>investment of a customer, you can't afford to take a cavalier

>To answer Lachlan's question "Does your fav rock band use best
>practice and professional conduct?", the answer is probably no,
>but the PA firm they hire to support their tour, and the studio 
>they pay to record their next CD will, and know why.
It's the business.

>And I'd be surprised if Dave would allow his students to work on
>the same machine + login that he uses to write his articles, do
>his acoounts, etc. (Dave ???)
Same machine, different login, maybe. But they all use Windows anyway... ;)



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