[linux-audio-dev] Midi/OSC help - Continuous controllers

Olivier Guilyardi ml at xung.org
Thu Jun 30 06:04:18 EDT 2005

Paul Davis wrote:

>>Doesn't ardour allow this type of binding midi CC's to mixer controls?
> indeed, it does. and as other posters have noted, the method used is
> to have the GUI as an intermediary only for the binding: when you
> start the binding process, its done using a GUI (View/Controller) object, and so when
> the MIDI data arrives, the GUI hands off the MIDI data to the Model
> object represented by the GUI object. the binding is made between
> Model objects and MIDI, not GUI objects and MIDI, even though it is
> initiated at the GUI leve.
> subsequent MIDI data (corresponding to what was bound) is sent
> directly to the Model, not the GUI (View/Controller). The GUI is
> updated when/if the Model changes state in response to the incoming MIDI.

Sorry, I should have checked Ardour. But anyway I see that you really now what 
you're talking about, since you've already implemented it using MVC. On the 
other side Peter Brinkmann seems to be your opponent of choice in regard to this 
topic, since he made Midikinesis (and presented it at LAC) :

As I said in my previous mail, one of the great argument in favor of 
midi-enabled widgets is that it allows to use h/w controller with both audio and 
non-audio applications. But this is getting slightly out of topic.

Thanks for discussing my ideas and for your constructive criticism.


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