[linux-audio-dev] ALSA features.

Esben Stien b0ef at esben-stien.name
Sun Sep 4 18:39:07 EDT 2005

James Courtier-Dutton <James at superbug.co.uk> writes:

> VoIP application should really be opening the ALSA device twice

It does. From the alsa.conf (asterisk) config file:

..for alsa:

..for jack:

Alsa works, but not plug:jack, which was explained in the bug report.

> I know for a fact that all Creative sound cards will fail VoIP apps
> if they are opened with a single device in full-duplex

I have a emu10k1 based cards and I've never had any problems with any
voip app (asterisk, kphone, iaxcomm) when using alsa, so I guess all
of them don't open a single device in duplex.

> It is my advice to fix the VoIP apps instead.

Well, not the case here;).

> I don't see why ALSA should support OSC.

No, this was just related to the alsa API not supporting all devices,
such as the multiface.

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