[linux-audio-dev] libcui - design-question

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Thu Sep 15 09:53:34 EDT 2005

  Yes there is ncurses. But with ncurses as is you can just position 
characters on the screen, whereever you like and in which color you like. Yet 
I want to design a library, that is useful for blind and possibly other 
disabled people. This will incorporate predefined keys for movement, ALWAYS 
AND ONLY moving the hard cursor, don't use color-attributes. Try to display 
objects so they are useful on a braille-display. This library should come with 
a good set of objects and init and fini (start and exit) routines. So 
programmers have a standard library with objects they know. Yet in contrast to 
just writing direct ncurses code: they don't have to know what is good for a 
blind person and what is not.
  This library is intended to be used for applications, thatdon't already have 
a textbased interface (synthesizers, sequencers...). Using this library 
enables the user to get it "a bit more the GUI way". A sequencer (especially a 
step-sequencer) is very easy to handle from such an interactive UI.
  This library can't do everything, that the real gui can do, but about most 
of the main objects I have some definite ideas. That means buttons, sliders, 
checkboxes, not canvas, window, panel.
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