[linux-audio-dev] Plz help ...Can ALSA support the "real-time mode" ?

Srinivas Reddy srinivas_reddy at faith.co.jp
Wed Jan 11 07:09:46 EST 2006

hi all ,

I am new to Linux Audio world.Can any one help me in the following

I am having an audio engine with MIDI PLAYER and MIDI SYNTHESIZER which is 
running in real time mode . It means that
the player layer send the MIDI events directly to the synthesizer that are
contained in the current frame. There is no time information in the events
and there is no bufferization.

Q1)Does ALSA can support the "real-time mode" ?

Does it support a sequenced mode ? i.e.,does the player/parser have to send 
information to the ALSA library?

Can any one help me out.
thank you

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