[linux-audio-dev] RME DIGI9652 with AEB8-I and AEB8-O

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Mon Jan 30 17:32:24 EST 2006

Guillaume Pellerin <yomguy at altern.org>:
> Hi all !
> I have installed a RME DIGI9652 on a Debian Sarge and it
> seems to work great with Ardour ! However my two expansion
> boards AEB8-I [1] and AEB8-O [2] plugged respectively on
> the "CD IN" input and "ADAT 1" output of the main board -

"CD IN" should be connected to the output of a cd drive.

> as it is mentionned in the documentation - don't get any
> signal, even when I change existing interrupts in kmix,
> gamix, etc.. I would then ask to anybody who knows the
> chipset/driver if there are special routing interrupts to
> be switched with alsactl or something...

Maybe it's the clocking, you want to connect the AEB's to the 
DIGI9652's word clock connectors and master clock from there. 
I think.
There is no such thing as "changing interrupts" in kmix and 
the like.


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