[linux-audio-dev] Writing LADSPA plugins in high level language?

lazzaro lazzaro at eecs.berkeley.edu
Wed Jun 14 13:26:15 EDT 2006

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request at music.columbia.edu wrote:

> There are, of course, languages like SuperCollider and CSound, which
> ARE made for expressing audio algorithms.  However, again they are
> generally interpreted.

Sfront compiles a high-level music language (Structured Audio) to C,
and there's no reason in theory that audio drivers couldn't be written
for LADSPA.  At the moment, though, all of the audio drivers are for
interface APIs, not plug-in APIs ... the first plug-in API for sfront is
most likely to be for AudioUnits, since I've moved from Linux to OS X
as my computing platform these days.  But anyone can write an
audio driver for sfront, see:


for info on writing new audio drivers for sfront, and:


For more general info on Structured Audio and sfront.

John Lazzaro
lazzaro [at] cs [dot] berkeley [dot] edu

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