[linux-audio-dev] Fiasco microkernel

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Mar 15 16:26:18 EST 2006


I just stumbled across this (via heise.de): 

 What are Fiasco's distinctive features (i.e., buzzwords)?

    Fiasco is a preemptible real-time kernel supporting hard
    priorities. It uses non-blocking synchronization for its kernel
    objects. This guarantees priority inheritance and makes sure that
    runnable high-priority processes never block waiting for
    lower-priority processes.

    When using L4Linux on top of Fiasco, hard-real-time applications
    can share one machine with time-sharing (Linux) applications.

    Fiasco is a real, second-generation µ-kernel protecting
    applications in address spaces. Thanks to its efficient task and
    context switching mechanism and its performace-oriented design,
    the performance penalties induced by address-space security are
    neglible - much smaller than in older, first-generation µ-kernels
    like Mach. 

Sounds somehow interesting.

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