[linux-audio-dev] processing plugin standard wrapper

Malte Steiner steiner at block4.com
Wed Feb 14 15:36:57 EST 2007

> Personally, I'd rather see the effort go towards making LV2 a real,
> workable standard with all the important features (presets, host tempo
> sync, MIDI handling/processing) that some of the other standards have.

count me in, I prefer putting developer time into creation and 
communication of native formats like LADSPA/DSSI and LV2 over supporting 
proprietary closed formats.

Communication means telling the world that there are some plugins for 
Linux too. When I look on KVRAudio I see nearly nothing in the Linux 
entrys and submitted immediately Ardour as a host which was missing too, 
a shame because its an important plus for Linux as musicplatform.

Problem is that the kids watch that site to see whats going on and what 
is available and perceive Linux kinda lame for audio, missing the fact 
that there are several standalone synths so plugins are not so 
necessary. Of course there are the Linux audio pages and they are good 
for us, but the kids living elsewhere although I think an slight 
interest is there, especially with all the inherent problems of Windows 

Why bother with the kids? To get a critical mass so the driver situation 
gets improved, that are my selfish motives.

I am about to create some DSSI Synths. I wanted to share some pd patches 
which act and sound very well as multipurpose synths (as the opposite as 
very specialized patches which are good only for 1 song) but find it 
hard to 'distribute' because they depend on some externals which might 
be not available, to complicate for instant gratification. So I prefer 
now a self contained format. More soon here or on LAU list...



Malte Steiner
media art + development

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