[linux-audio-user] rme9632 status?

WR gen2 at planetofidiots.com
Mon Dec 22 14:16:30 EST 2003

>> I guess we'll deal with this very soon then. I haven't checked spdif out
>> on my Hammerfall light in a long time, but last time I tried it didn't
>> work. Is there still a note about this on the Hammerfall Alsa page?
> on my HDSP 9652 (not to be confused with other similarly but not exactly
> named devices ;) ), I have had the spdif outs work at times.  using ardour
> beta3 or 7 or some such thing, specifically, the spdif outs worked.  I
> haven't had the spdif INS work yet but I don't know why.

yikes. looks like I might get whacked for not checking more thoroughly
before I bought a card, but I figured getting the one P. Davis recommends
on the Ardour site would be the safest bet. Oops. ;-)

The plan was to use linux as an outboard effects processor to protools,
using the digi9652 spdif I/O to create an aux send/ret loop in the PT
mixer, printing the returns so as to be able to build many layers of them.
No need to pay absurd prices for questionable Digi-partner beta
software...not that Im saving anything at the moment!

So let me start over:

Does anyone know of a fully-functioning spdif-capable audio device? One
that "just works" would be great after this...

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