[linux-audio-user] NoteEdit 2.3.4

Joerg Anders j.anders at informatik.tu-chemnitz.de
Tue Dec 23 02:48:00 EST 2003

On Mon, 22 Dec 2003, Chris Cannam wrote:

> This is the second time recently that you've announced a perceived 

Leon Vinken <leon.vinken at hetnet.nl> contacted you ... He did the XML staff.

> defect in Rosegarden as part of your release note without bothering 
> to contact Rosegarden's developers about it.

Perhaps it helps if I say: I always made lists of problems with
relevant software. This is nothing special. The alternative is an
overcrowding mailbox.

An example from last year:


  Problems with exportation of drum notes

     All 5 drum notes are supported in MusiXTeX.

     First of all: I was told my drum exportation doesn't use all
     LilyPond features. Perhaps a LilyPond guru can review the
     NoteEdit LilyPond output and send me a mail what to to.

     The drum notes export works but with some side effects. All notes
     in a chord appear with the same drum note type. Only 3 of the
     5 types are supported. NoteEdit will warn you.

  ABC music:
     cannot deal with drum notes. NoteEdit will warn you.

     Drum notes are not supported in PMX. NoteEdit will warn you.

     The MUP compatibility ends here. MUP doesn't support drum
     notes. NoteEdit "extends" the MUP syntax to correctly
     restore the score. NoteEdit will warn you, because
     (of course) the result isn't MUP-able.

J.Anders, Chemnitz, GERMANY (ja at informatik.tu-chemnitz.de)

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