[linux-audio-user] audiophile 2496 - spdif in

jordan muscott linux-audio-user@music.columbia.edu
Sat Oct 4 13:05:01 2003

Hi all,

To be honest I'm posting this before investigating all possibilites 
myself, but i'm fast approaching the 'hugely frustrated stage'.

How do I enable the spdif input on my audiophile 2496, please? A bit of 
googling suggested I should change the line in 
/usr/share/alsa/cards/ICE1712.conf from

slave.channels 10


slave.channels 20

which should enable input (and disable output since you can't have both 
at the same time on this card.) Correct?

I'm looking at the envy24control mixer settings, and I've unmuted the 
spdif input channels and turned up the sliders, but no input is showing 
on the meters. Is there anything else I should be doing? I haven't got 
an .asoundrc, should I?

thanks, Jordan.