[linux-audio-user] Sync with Ardour , MIDI, rosegarden, etc.

R Parker linux-audio-user@music.columbia.edu
Sat Oct 4 15:57:01 2003

--- Aaron Trumm <aaron@nquit.com> wrote:
> Ok guys so here's one (told ya it wouldn't be long
> before I was yakkin again - 
> I tried to send this earlier but it might have gone
> bouncy due to html in 
> message) - this is for all you MIDI and Ardour
> experts :)
> How about syncing Ardour with MIDI - let's see
> there's a few different things 
> I need to do - 
> 1) sync ardour to outside tape source via ADAT
> sync...I set it to ADAT in 
> options window, and expect it to wait and play when
> I play tape, but no cigar
> 2) sync ardour to outside source via MTC sync - same
> deal - although if I 
> play, and then hit stop, the transport marker sort
> of sits there waitiing and 
> jiggling - does this mean something?

Within the Options menu there are flags that can be
set that will cause Ardour to print Midi and MTC
messages to the consol from which it was started. I'd
suggest gettting those messages and sending a report
to ardour-dev.

It's been a long time but I seem to recall controlling
transport from external MTC.

I believe that Ardour 1.0 will abandon MTC generation
in favor of SMPTE--not sure if that applies to reading
external messages. Anyone know?

Ardour generates bursty MTC which isn't very useful
because devices like my Tascam DM-24 can't interpret
it. Apparently SMPTE will be significantly easier to
implement. I'm looking forward to SMPTE because I
desperately need to sync Ardour and a mixer.

> 3) sync Ardour to sequencer inside computer - say
> rosegarden - via MTC I guess 
> - whatever works...

The preferred solution for syncing jack clients is
jack_transport functionality. I haven't noticed any of
the midi sequencer developers announcing inclusion of 
Jack O'Quin's new transport feature set. I believe the
API is stable and waiting for people to implement it.
Paul D. recently announced that he has the transport
functionality for Ardour at %80.

I would suggest asking the Rosegarden and Muse
developers if it's on their radar.

I believe you'll find that JAMin and ecasound support
the new functionality. Alsaplayer might too. The old
sync functionality is still supported but obviously
deprecated. So you can probably sync an ecasound,
jamin alsaplayer chain.


> anxiously awaiting replies :)  thanks, have fun and
> yay! :)
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> Aaron Trumm
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