[linux-audio-user] Sync with Ardour , MIDI, rosegarden, etc.

Jack O'Quin linux-audio-user@music.columbia.edu
Sun Oct 5 13:17:00 2003

Aaron Trumm <aaron@nquit.com> writes:

> the way I understand it, MTC really just IS smpte, translated into
> the MIDI stream so that MIDI devices such as synths and sequencers
> (and Darwin, and my mixer) can deal with it (my mixer has an actual
> smpte port too I think) it's always nice to have 'em all

Basically true.  The main practical difference between SMPTE timecode
and MTC is that the SMPTE timecode is encoded in an audio stream.  If
digitized and fed to a JACK port, this becomes sample-synchronous,
which can potentially provide excellent timing.  Synching to an
external SMPTE clock will be difficult for many JACK clients because
of clock drift.  But generating SMPTE from within a JACK timebase
master client should be very solid, because then there's only one
clock source.

MIDI messages are generally not delivered with accurate timing by
existing Linux interfaces.  I believe this is why ardour has trouble
with it.
  Jack O'Quin
  Austin, Texas, USA