[linux-audio-user] Sync with Ardour , MIDI, rosegarden, etc.

Aaron Trumm linux-audio-user@music.columbia.edu
Sun Oct 5 14:44:00 2003

> If you are having problems with Ardour, please join the ardour-dev
> mailing list and tell us about them.  There is a lot of functionality in
> Ardour, and sometimes we don't notice if something breaks.

yes, actually I wanted to do this - I figured it would help you, even to
report the little bugs - but I can't get on it - it's set up to reject mail
from servers that reject some kind of bounce - my ISP does this so I'm kinda
screwed unless I get a hotmail account or something - is there any way y'all
can bypass said feature?

the current report on this issue is that I've now gotten Ardour to record up
to 8 tracks (I haven't tried more) simulatneously while playing 8 more for
over 10 minutes - the change was I unpatched the midi from the darwin to
ardour - I guess it was receiving (or sending and then receiving back?) some
kind of MTC stop?  I'm not sure.  I just know after unpatching MIDI I could
record and it wasn't stopping.  that meant I couldn't sync to the tape and
record though.  (worked around that by sliding new tracks into place)...