[linux-audio-user] recording with ecasound

kevin ernste linux-audio-user@music.columbia.edu
Mon Oct 6 18:16:01 2003

> Is it possible to record from the spdif input? I've been googling
> quite 
> a bit, and I don't understand if or how I can relate device or
> subdevice 
> numbers to the spdif input.

First of all, check you alsa.conf (slocate alsa.conf) to see if it
already has a spdif device listed, mine does.  Try:

cat /location/of/your/alsa.conf | grep spdif

Mine says that...

pcm.spdif cards.pcm.iec958

...is available, so to use aplay as an example, this would mean
something like these:

aplay -D spdif mysound.wav
aplay -Dplug:spdif mysound.wav

Frankly, I'm not sure which one is right or how ecasound does this. 
The ecasound docs and examples are a great place to start.  There is
also someone who has apparenetly dealt wtih your exact problem (OK,
slightly different card) right here:


And at the bottom I have posted my own /etc/asound.conf for my Delta
1010.  Channels are accessed for recording or playback by their pcm
name (Ex. arecord -D ice1712_spdif myfile.wav) once they are set up.

I hope this helps.


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