[linux-audio-user] latency issues

Frank Barknecht linux-audio-user@music.columbia.edu
Tue Oct 7 02:40:01 2003

Luke Yelavich hat gesagt: // Luke Yelavich wrote:

> At 03:09 PM 7/10/2003, Guy Clotilde wrote:
> >am I the only one asking itself about this? oss emulation is faster than 
> >alsa? In every case with any oss capable app?
> I think OSS emulation is faster only for PD, due to the way the OSS code 
> has bene written for PD, compared to the ALSA code.

Yes, it's a problem with Pd's ALSA code. What's even worse than the
latency issue, which I could live with, is that it isn't possible to
select ALSA pcms by name. You're stuck with hw:0, plughw:0, hw:1,
plughw:1, and so on. This basically makes it impossible to use Pd with
asoundrc tweaks and thus with some more advanced multichannel setups
in ALSA mode. These are known problems. I lack the ALSA knowledge
to do anything about it and those who have the knowledge lack the
time, but it would be great if those issues could be sorted out some
time. I'm sure, they will, though.

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