[linux-audio-user] recording delay in Ardour...

Aaron Trumm linux-audio-user@music.columbia.edu
Tue Oct 7 12:13:00 2003

> Of course, think about what is happening: The incoming data is being
> buffered by the sound card then delivered to ardour. Ardour then
> typically re routes this back via jack to soundcard. You have three
> options: 1) lower the latency settings for jack (-p -n) 2) Use a
> card that supports some form of HW monitoring 3) Don't monitor using
> Note that having a low latency kernel doesn't decrease latency, it
> just makes things work more reliably. HTH.

hmmm.  I'm using a HDSP9652 - I think it supports hardware monitoring and I
did try it (jackd -d alsa -H right?)

Monitoring doesn't matter all that much, and I was doing #3 - but it's
actually RECORDING late (I was working around last night by sliding the
audio region back after recording)  there's a delay before it gets there.
hmmm it may be because I was using -p 2048 - I needed to do that when I was
first trying to run ardour, but maybe I don't need to now - i have changed
soundcards, kernels and alsa drivers since then ;)

my jack command line was:

jackd -R -a -d alsa -d hw:0 -r 48000 -p 2048 -H