[linux-audio-user] Re Digital Audio Out on kernel 2.6

Jeremiah Benham linux-audio-user@music.columbia.edu
Wed Oct 8 12:07:01 2003

On Wed, Oct 08, 2003 at 04:03:18PM +0100, Q wrote:
> Well thanks.. I would certainly appreciate any help anyone can offer. 
> Yes I would have to say I agree with you on the Red Hat thing, although 
> I was anxious not to piss off a lot of Red Hat users, particularly as 
> this set up did work for sound in Red Hat. But I just couldn't cope with 
> the dependency hell of Red Hat or any other RPM based distribution, so I 
> started looking for an easy to manage distribution that would let me 
> install and unistall software and updates without any of that hassle. 
> Gentoo portage was that magic formula and after using it for a short 
> while I was permenantly won over. It is a little ironic maybe that the 
> easiest to use package management system in the Linux world comes 
> included in the hardest to install linux distribution in the Linux 
> world. (Slackware is nothing compared to Gentoo...) But oh well there 
> you are. The end result is certainly worthwhile. It may have taken me a 
> while to get my head around it, but persistance pays dividends and I 
> came out of it knowing a lot more about Linux than I could have learned 
> any other way.

Red Hat apt-rpm that elimintates the dependency problem.  I am not
promoting Red Hat.  I just think all distros are really the same once
you learn them and there differences.  If that made any sense.

I would first do:

cat /proc/asound/cards

to atleast see if you card is listed before you procede further.


> But as I said, I have never had sound and full 3D video working in any 
> distibution I have tried (which is about eitht I think). right now I 
> have every other feature working sweetly - except sound...
> If I could have sound I think I would celebrate by wiping all my windows 
> partitions and instantly switching my 460GB of music, movies and games 
> over to ext3 partitions. I want to be done with Windows and MS by this 
> years end. Having sound would be a big step towards this goal.
> Q
> PS
> As for SPDIF cable. That isn't really an issue. I have high quality 
> optical cable, which although in terms of benefit is probably only of at 
> best an aesthetic value, at least gurantees a clear signal. (I assume 
> you know that difference between optical and coaxil digital out is 
> virtually irrelevant? In other words, it doesn't matter which of these 
> is connected to the SPDIF out).
> Again any input anyone can offer on this would be much appreciated. It 
> would for me be the culmination of a long held goal now (of over a year) 
> to have both sound and video fully working in Linux.
> Q
> dwillis@stx.rr.com wrote:
> >On Wed, 8 Oct 2003, Q wrote:
> >
> > 
> >
> >>As for installing Red Hat, well I am a Gentoo Linux user... For better 
> >>or for worse that is what I am... It has taken me 4 months to get Gentoo 
> >>set up (its only rival in terms of difficulty to install is I think 
> >>Linux from Scratch) and after having gotten everything else working, I'm 
> >>not in the mood to give up now.
> >>   
> >>
> >
> >four months?  i discovered gentoo september 19 and have everything that 
> >i need set up now (and today i discovered i can use cooledit96 under 
> >wine!).  redhat sucks.   suse is great for easy use.
> >
> >anyway, i've got the same audio chipset, as well as an audiophile 2496, 
> >but my motherboard (kt400-alh) has analog 5.1 output, no digital.  i can 
> >try to see if that option works under linux, thoough, if you think it will 
> >help you.
> >
> >also, make sure you are using a proper spdif cable (75 ohm, i think), and 
> >not just any rca cable as it won't work.  i wish i could find one of those 
> >here in korea.
> >
> >ffiw,
> >dave
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