AW: [linux-audio-user] ogg player for Windows?

Patrick Shirkey
Sat Oct 11 07:08:01 EDT 2003

Mark Knecht wrote:
>>You were also suggesting that if we don't provide music in mp3 format we
>>are missing out on a huge market.
> I don't think I was suggesting that at all, but I'm not clear as to who the
> 'we' is in your sentence above.

We as in musicians who intend to make money out of their work.

> I defend your right to choose any format you'd like. I have no problem with
> that. Do you have a problem with me choosing mp3s and reaching more people
> more easily? Maybe that's the contention here...

No I was taking a tangent on your line of conversation that Frank was 
pointing to. You replied...

>>If we end up
>>with millions of people all playing the same cheesey noises with Linux
>>apps then we've lost IMO.
> I think we are in totally different head spaces. If the next great cheesy
> pop star comes from the Linux world to replace <you enter current cheesy pop
> starts name here>, and the new cheesy pop star only has music in .ogg
> format, will people EVER hear this new cheesy pop star so that *he/she* can
> become big and dominate our media? I think not, but you are free to
> disagree.

Who cares? :)

> In my mind technology is about making like *easier* and *better* for people,
> not more difficult. 

That's a professional focus which may not apply to development of open 
source. Technology is also to make things possible which were not before.

> If, in someone else's mind, life is about making
> political statements, then I defend their right to do that. However, few
> make a difference in my life, but that's just me. I think you're in a
> different place which is cool.

Yep. Seoul is different to San Fran. No denying that.

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