[linux-audio-user] That whole mp3 vs. ogg vs. wma vs. yomamma thing

Patrick Shirkey linux-audio-user@music.columbia.edu
Sun Oct 12 07:08:01 2003

Mathias Lundgren wrote:
> IMPO Linux audio isn't ready for the average Windows/Mac-user, but there is 

IMO this will never be a possiblity. The average user is more interested 
in the TV concept. In order for electronic music to progress these 
people are not going to be the heart of the scene.

They will however be the dancers and the listeners that make it 
worthwhile for us to produce music.

There is another school of thought which wants to use Linux apps for 
professional multimedia. Depending on whether you are the boss or the 
worker you may want to have extremely easy to use tools or you may want 
to have tools which are not so easy to use therefore ensuring job security.

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