[linux-audio-user] audiophile 2496 - spdif in

Rick Taylor linux-audio-user@music.columbia.edu
Sun Oct 12 08:24:00 2003

"wes schreiner" <wes@infosink.com> wrote:

>      "It  is  important  to note that setserial merely tells the
>       Linux kernel where it should expect to find the  I/O  port
>       and  IRQ lines of a particular serial port.  It does *not*
>       configure the hardware, the actual serial board, to use  a
>       particular  I/O  port."

 Is there a difference? Does it really matter if you lie to your kernel?

>Only mentions changing ISA network card interrupts.
>Does the same job as setpci. Includes an interactive mode.

 I think you need to re-read.

 If I look hard enough... I'm sure I can find something that will reach into
your bios and let you turn your whole machine inside out. Strangely enough... I
don't really see a point. The discussion concerned configuring ones machine to
see a particular "hardware suite" properly. Whether you change the actual
hardware or you change the way the software {like your bios} sees it you achieve
the same end.