[linux-audio-user] Re: prebuilt tools/mp3 vs. etc..

Jan Depner linux-audio-user@music.columbia.edu
Sun Oct 12 15:46:00 EDT 2003

Oh!  I was very confused about that.  I was sitting there thinking "what
does a giant particle accelerator have to do with Linux audio"?  I'd
never heard of the SuperCollider audio synth project.  That's what
happens when you spend all your time with a bunch of scientists.  Thanks
for clearing that up.


  On Sun, 2003-10-12 at 13:02, Jonathan Segel wrote:
> >
> >On Friday 10 October 2003 23:12, Jan Depner wrote:
> >  	You work on code for supercollider?  Interesting.  A close friend of
> >  > mine was working on that before it got shut down.  PhD in particle
> >>  physics.  Worked at Fermi Lab prior to that.  He uses Linux now as do
> >  > I.  What, exactly, was your point?
> oh no! I mean SuperCollider the music language app. look at 
> http://www.audiosynth.com
> and help make the linux port of SC server! 
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/supercollider/
> as to my original point, it's mostly being summed up in the other 
> thread of mp3 vs. ogg etc...
> >Matthias writes:
> >Well spoken! I think this is not only related to ogg, it's related to most of
> >the technology in the linux audio scene. We need to show people that it can
> >actually be used to create great stuff.
> >
> >IMPO Linux audio isn't ready for the average Windows/Mac-user, but there is
> originally, I wrote to respond to questions regarding a lack of 
> prebuilt tools, a small user base, etc. I was giving my perspective 
> as an educated, experienced studio and computer music user, but 
> coming from the professional and academic worlds wherein we all used 
> Macintosh. My point was that I was excited by the prospect of 
> learning morel, being on the cutting edge, being in the community of 
> Linux users, but that, even as an experienced user, I was finding it 
> very very difficult to make the transition, but I thought it might be 
> intersting to understand why I was learning linux. The philosophizing 
> came in the form of questions like: "is it a good thing or a bad 
> thing to be an elite group of users?" "do linux audio users want to 
> exist as part of a specifically educated group or to make it useable 
> by joe-reason user?" basically pointing out that when you become so 
> far inside a specific knowledge base it is sometimes hard to see how 
> opaque it may appear from outside --cf. improv or avant-garde music 
> cliques...
> I was just poking the hornet's nest, as usual. please don't take this 
> sort of response as complaining! I am really happy with the available 
> sounds and software and you can expect a note somewhere on any 
> releases i make from now on that linux was used.
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