[linux-audio-user] ALSA on Redhat - besides the Planet

Frank Barknecht linux-audio-user@music.columbia.edu
Sun Oct 12 19:31:00 EDT 2003

Aaron Trumm hat gesagt: // Aaron Trumm wrote:

> > 
> > just a short information question: Is it true, that Redhat does not
> > provide any ALSA packages themselves so people who want to run some of
> > the many ALSA applications on Redhat will have to use third-party
> > rpm's like Fernando's or from freshrpms.net? Is this really true? If
> > yes, does someone know what RH's plans are regarding ALSA on kernel
> > 2.6?
> the 2.5 kernels have ALSA already built in...

But it is still possible to build OSS modules instead. I wonder what
plans Redhat, the only ALSA-less distribution I know, will decide to

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