[linux-audio-user] please excuse my IDIOCY!!!

Robert Jonsson robert.jonsson at dataductus.se
Thu Oct 16 17:25:45 EDT 2003

torsdagen den 16 oktober 2003 23.00 skrev Aaron Trumm:
> sometimes I can be such a damn cone head.  I've sent this twice, letting it
> be in html form which I think will get rejected  I hope y'all don't get
> three copies of it.
> --
> Hello all - here's something I'm having a bit of trouble with, I thought
> y'all might know (hell it might've been in that huge mp3/ogg thread and I
> just missed it)
> I need to be able to rip hi res mp3s (320kbs) for submission to certain
> liscensing agencies (they insist) - but I haven't been able to figure out
> how to do this on my linux box.  I know lame is the main backend - but I
> had some kind of trouble a couple weeks back either locating it or finding
> detailed info about it or something (I'm gonna go back and do this homework
> again), and then of course there's the matter of a front end, which I don't
> necessarily care about :) (but I remember not being able to figure out the
> proper command line commands or something)
> I had much success doing 128kbs mp3s - grip does it, audacity will just
> change a wav to an mp3, that's awesome, but they don't seem to deal with
> higher resolution than 128 - something made me think it's just not
> happening yet in linux and that I need to just rip them on my windows
> machine...was I right about this?

nonono :)

Linux is the master of commandline tools, windows is just a poor clone :*}

long answer
lame --help

short answer
lame -b 320 <file name>

I'm sure there is a way to change this inside grip also.


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