[linux-audio-user] That whole mp3 vs. ogg vs. wma vs. yomamma thing

ricktaylor at speakeasy.net ricktaylor at speakeasy.net
Thu Oct 16 23:41:43 EDT 2003

> From: Mark Knecht [mailto:mknecht at controlnet.com]
> > > Sorry. Not clear. I listen a lot to jazz fusion, like John
> > Scofield or John
> > > McLaughlin, or then a lot of prog rock stuff like Spock's Beard or
> >
> >  Sorry.
> You're sorry I listen to Spock's Beard? ;-)
> (Sometimes I am. I'm such a dinosaur...)

 :} I'm not much on fusion... McLaughlin's alright. Most of it just strikes me as too dense, overly complex ...somewhat masturbatory on the part of the artist. It's not always bad... some folk do it well.

 To tell you the truth... I've not actually heard Spocks Beard.

> >  Are you seeing "legacy" as bad? ...Somehow limiting?
> No, not at all.

 Sometimes I think the way folk today constantly reference {borrow from} the past is a bit detrimental. ...Keeps them stuck in the past. I always figured the past was something to be learned from and left behind.

> >  I tend to wonder why folk reference past movements that way.
> > {Like Billy Ray Cyrus, or whoever happens to be todays twang pop
> > superstar, calling themselves a "country" singer or whatever...}
> I don't know, but this sort of issue is out there all over the place. Not
> just in music. (Look at the media today with the labels 'left' and 'right')
> People here in the U.S. seem interested, or at least comfortable, aligning
> themselves with names of things, and far less interested or comfortable at
> just looking or listening and deciding how they feel about someone's work.

 I wonder why folk want to live within labels. Labels are so you can organize you cd collection. Not that I've not adopted a few myself. It's just that... take country, for instance... why do artists tend to drag that whole thing out rather than taking it upon themselves to deviate from it as much as the folk who made "country" {the core folk} managed to deviate from what was around at the time?

 Why are they content with simply mimicking the earlier or defining aspects of whatever movement? Do they actually think that country or metal or punk or whatever else came about that way?

 Back to your point... I like lots of different movements... I may borrow from lots of different movements... no way in hell I'd ever create within or for a specific movement. Why do people do this?

> > > I hope this helps explain my point of view a bit, even if it is out of
> > > touch.
> >
> >  :} Not really...
> Not really explaining my point of view, or not really out of touch? ;-)

 Your point of view could have used a bit of clarification.

> > These days I think it might be the ideations of
> > the producer that matters. It would seem that some sort of late
> > seventies nostalgia has grasped us by the sensibilities in the
> > past few years.
> Interesting observation. Not sure I agree, but certainly worth some thought.

 Technophiles and disco kiddies... :} they're all around us.

> >  Maybe it's a pre-revolutionary sphincter convulsion sort of
> > thing... maybe it's the result of some secretive neo-conservative
> > underground... who knows?
> >
> Not exactly a Bush-Chaney support I'd guess. ;-)

 Not exactly. I don't really have a problem with Bush... He's not done all that badly given what he's had to deal with. I think he's gotten a bit hawkish of late. I wouldn't rule out voting for him.

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