[linux-audio-user] How to check if I have midi connection?

Ketil Thorgersen linuxuadio at rytmisk.net
Fri Oct 17 13:12:18 EDT 2003

Sorry about this extremely naive question, but since this is my first time 
trying to get linux to be a DAW I stumble onto some problems of course. And 
my know-how is somewhat limited unfortunately.

My staudio c-port (envy 24 based 8 channel card analogue + 2 channel digital 
from www.staudio.com with built in midi-interface) works as far as audio goes 
now, but I can't seem to get anything out of the midiports even though it 
seems to be properly recognized. Alsa Patch bay gives me a: Rawmidi: 0 - 
Hoontech SoundTrack Audio DSP24 MPU-401 entry at least (actually 2 - one for 
each midi port), but no matter which I choose in rosegarden or any other app, 
I get no signal in the displays. How do I find out if it's working, and how 
do I troubleshoot. If this is well documented somewhere and comprehensible 
for semidummies, I'd be happy to receive a link!

Best regards

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