[linux-audio-user] How to check if I have midi connection?

Klaus Kosten Klaus.Kosten at gmx.de
Sat Oct 18 05:32:40 EDT 2003

Hi Emiliano,

> You can see in the support forum of staudio that me and another guy (Chris
> Hardin IIRC) have posed the question, but no answer so far. Maybe we could
> unite and ask on the ALSA devel ml instead (but my skills are not so
> technical)

we really should do that. Now there are already four people having the
same problem with the ST Audio DSP 2000C, so it´s very likely that there
is a real problem with the alsa driver. At least we should ask the alsa
people to change the status of the card from "supported" to "partially
supported" :-(

Dr. Klaus Kosten
Am Ginsterberg 13
D-52477 Alsdorf

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