[linux-audio-user] Greetings from a newcomer(and something about shaketracker and gcc 3.2=)

alderamin at jippii.fi alderamin at jippii.fi
Sat Oct 18 06:06:57 EDT 2003


Like the subject line says, I'm a newcomer, this is my first post on 
this list. So, hiyall =) Also, forgive my faulty English. (and the long 
rant, possibly even a bit OT too)

When I found Shaketracker I was bouncing with the joy, until I tried to 
compile it. There aren't so many good music apps for linux and 
especially not too many tracker-like midi apps. I really like the 
tracker UI but I can't seem to find good 'classical' 
instruments(samples) for trackers. I have good midi instruments, but I 
dearly hate the input system almost all midi composing tools have 
adopted. So Shaketracker was what I had been looking for some time... 
and like I said, I couldn't get it to compile.

At this point I didn't try to fix it myself, because usually with some 
googling you'll find out someone else has made a patch or there is 
actually a new version of the software which compiles etc. So, after 
googling, I had only found other people who had the same problems. I 
took a hammer and began fixing it myself with not-so-optimistic 

I got it working though, it was mostly namespace problems, some code 
changes here and there. I still gives warnings but compiles and 
runs(works) on my RedHat 9.0 system. So, someone still struggling with 
this problem, I have got a patch for you to try out =)

- SampoV

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