[linux-audio-user] on ALSA's virmidi module

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Sat Oct 18 09:28:10 EDT 2003


  I've been working with Tim Thompson's KeyKit, trying to get it to send 
its output to a softsynth. I can set a variable for KeyKit that will 
select the ALSA rawmidi device with this syntax :

        export ALSA_RAWMIDI_DEVICE=hw:1,0

where hw:1,0 refers to my card1 (the ALSA virmidi module) and its first 
device (0). Now when I start KK (and set the Port Enabler to ALSA) I can 
route its output to whatever connections are available via aconnect (or 
the kaconnect GUI).

  I just wanted to say "Thanks!" to the ALSA developers for the virmidi 
module. I've used it with MIDI sequencers running under emulation 
systems such as DOSemu and Xsteem, I've used it for the TK707 virtual 
drum machine, and now I'm using it with KeyKit. The combination of 
TiMidity-as-softsynth (with the Fluid soundfont) and the virmidi module 
is a very powerful and flexible system for me, and I just wanted to pass 
on a note of appreciation for the ALSA team's work.

  Okay, that's all. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming...

Best regards,

== dp

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