[linux-audio-user] on ALSA's virmidi module

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sat Oct 18 10:02:17 EDT 2003

Dave Phillips hat gesagt: // Dave Phillips wrote:

>  I've been working with Tim Thompson's KeyKit, trying to get it to send 
> its output to a softsynth. I can set a variable for KeyKit that will 
> select the ALSA rawmidi device with this syntax :
>        export ALSA_RAWMIDI_DEVICE=hw:1,0
> where hw:1,0 refers to my card1 (the ALSA virmidi module) and its first 
> device (0). Now when I start KK (and set the Port Enabler to ALSA) I can 
> route its output to whatever connections are available via aconnect (or 
> the kaconnect GUI).

Cool. But I find it a bit strange, that Keyit uses the PCM definition
for midi access. Well, but  virmidi card hasn't a PCM so who cares. ;)

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