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Frank Barknecht wrote:


it really *is* about time i got a Copyleftmedia discussion list going 
(Copyleftmedia is my website devoted to copyleft licensing of the arts - 
and is a supporter and participant in iCommons, the internationalisation 
of Creative Commons).

> Well, even the FSF recommends to look at CC for licensing of art. I
> only have a problem with the "non-commercial only" part of some
> licenses (I think, it's only one of the CC licenses), because this
> like "pollutes the environment", that CC also tries to create. CC is
> not only about legal issues, it is also about making sharing possible.
> So even the "no commercial" license explicitly allows distribution in
> non-commercial ways and creates the impression, that it still is a
> free licence, when in fact it isn't anymore.

CC itself doesnt really concern itself with 'free' or 'non-free' - in 
fact i dont think you'll see those terms used at all on the website, 
certainly not in the 'Free software / Software Libre' sense.

CC is concerned with 'the Commons' - the community of artists and the 
community of material created by artists.

this is what it has in common with Free Software - the emphasis on 
community. on creating a Commons of material which we can draw from and 

CC also wants to be inclusive of all sorts of different efforts towards 
making this Commons or community happen. in that sense, while i prefer 
to use the GPL-style 'Attribution - Share-Alike' license for my own 
works, i am pleased to be able to support non-commercial and public 
domain licenses. i know people who feel as strongly about the public 
domain (go visit the DMCA_discuss list to meet them :) as we do about 
Free software. but i also know producers who are too scared to license 
their works as completely Free yet. i feel that any move towards Freedom 
or Commons or whatever we want to call it is a good one - and better 
than the proprietary option. i dont think Open Source is bad, but in my 
own works i choose Free.

the difference with CC is that it doesnt discriminate between any of 
these efforts towards the Commons, but acts as an umbrella to foster all 
of them and bring people together. now THAT is something missing in our 
community - communication. since i began Copyleftmedia i noticed that 
there are dozens of Free / Open Music licenses of various sorts but 
hardly any of them know of each other's existence. putting them all 
together is what i want to do - to build community. i think its damaging 
to start saying 'you're not part of my community because you dont 
entirely share every bit of my philosophy'. why not focus on what we 
have in common - its far more powerful to work together than to split 
into factions - which i think is hypocritical, because its contrary to 
the very spirit of Freedom and Commons.

> I'm not sure, if I can express my point as clear as I could in my
> native language, though.

yeah, i understand. i'd say go ahead and say it in German, but my 
reading thesedays is rather rudimentary and based on understanding Dutch 
which is my second language... i could give it a go, though... but i 
might then struggle just as much to understand... ! :(




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