[linux-audio-user] mounting network drives for dummies?

kevin ernste kevinernste at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 30 03:26:07 EST 2003

Hi Mark -

If you do go ftp, there is also the Redhat "mouse-click-only" method
(this is on the server end):

- Grab a pure-ftpd rpm and install it.
- Go to "System Settings->Server Settings->Services", and...
- Start pure-ftpd by selecting it and clicking, you guessed it,

You are now serving ftp from your planet box (planetoid) on port 21. 
Just open the firewall to FTP in "System Settings->Security Level". 
Dump away with gFTP or another.  Note: You may need to turn off
"Passive file transfer" in the gFTP "FTP->Options" in order to connect

On the other hand, SSH is likely already running and open (and
secure!), though the copy will be slower.  gFTP will do ssh too, as

scp [-r] MY_10GB_OF_STUFF user at remote.box:/remote/dir

The -r is for recursive copying.


--- Robert Jonsson <robert.jonsson at dataductus.se> wrote:
> Hi,
> If this is a one-time move, which I suspect it is. Then ftp is by far
> the 
> easiest way.
> If there are no ftp-servers running on your machines(this will be
> self evident 
> when you try to connect from the other machine), they are probably 
> preinstalled, start it via the appropriate /etc/init.d/<script> and
> then run 
> an ftp client from the other machine. gftp seems to come with many
> new 
> distributions, plain ftp in a console works also (should always be 
> installed).
> /Robert
> torsdagen den 30 oktober 2003 04.46 skrev Mark Knecht:
> > Hi,
> >    I've got two Linux boxes, one Gentoo and the other PlanetCCRMA.
> I
> > need to move about 10GB of data from one to the other. How can I do
> > this? I guess that over Ethernet maybe Samba or NFS might work? I
> don't
> > know anything about making either of these technologies work, and
> > obviously I don't want to start building kernels or anything like
> that
> > to get there.
> >
> >    Has anyone got a tutorial on how to do this easily. I really
> don't
> > want to become an IT guy to make this work.
> >
> >    If it's too difficult, then I could dig up and add a 1394
> adapter to
> > one box and dump it to the other that way. The second machine has
> 1394
> > already. I just didn't want to open the box up and mess with cards.
> >
> > Thanks very super much in advance,
> > Mark

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