[linux-audio-user] Announcing Gnomoradio

iriXx m at irixx.org
Fri Oct 31 17:12:27 EST 2003

Frank Barknecht wrote:

> If one would only be allowed to distribute Linux, if one did pay Linus
> Thorwalds for every copy, then Linux would not only fail to be "free"
> as in beer, it also would not be free as in "libre". The distribution
> must be allowed without any charges, as soon as I have the good.
> That's a central point in all libre software.

no it isnt!!!!!

have you READ the GPL???? it specifically says that you may charge for 

try telling the above to RMS. i think he'd say, as i do, that thats 
complete bollocks.

please get your facts straight. this sort of misnomer is the stuff that 
is putting business off supporting free as in libre software.



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