[linux-audio-user] Simple sound recording

Tom Trebisky tom at mmto.org
Tue Apr 6 19:36:20 EDT 2004

OK, here is what I want to do:

1) Take my linux laptop (now with Fedora core 1) and connect a
signal to the line-in jack and record audio to the laptop hard
drive.  Ideally I would like to do something like generate an
mp3 file to save hard drive space.  The goal here is to record
conference speakers and generate a CD containing MP3 files of
a days worth of people speaking.  (Using something like MP3 is
not essential, but would save space on the hard drive).  Since
all I am after is decent vocal audibility, I don't need exquisite
audio.  I will be getting a feed from a mixer.

My laptop is a Toshiba Tecra 8100, which has a Yamaha YMF-744B
(supposedly this was supported under ALSA 0.5.8)

2) What I have done so far ...
(apart from just get bewildered by all the audio jargon under
linux -- there is OSS, ALSA, JACK, ... maybe that is most of what
I have tripped over so far)

Find fedora RPM's of the alsa stuff (vintage 1.0.2) and load them
onto the laptop.

Read stuff on the ALSA site and linux-sound.org (which I am
still doing).

I was playing yesterday on my desktop system -- I installed a
Sound Blaster Live card and had it playing a CD using the OSS
drivers, now I will see if it still works with the ALSA drivers.
I couldn't get gnome-sound-recorder to do anything, but maybe
it will work with the ALSA drivers.  I am looking at an application
called qarecord (I like it since it has level meters -- I want to
see something move when I squak into a microphone and the gnome
recorder seems to have nothing like this), I have got the source,
but will have to build it.

So what am I asking?  Any help and pointers -- I don't want to make
this unduly complicated.  I wish I could just hook up a signal source
bring up a GUI, click on record and have a .wav file coming out of
stdout that I could pipe to some compression tool. Surely one
of you out there has done this -- my goal was to test fly this
Wednesday night, but so far I am a day and 1/2 into this and am
just getting deeper and deeper without seeing progress towards my

Thanks for anyone who has the time to offer some help.


Tom Trebisky
MMT Observatory
University of Arizona -- Tucson
tom at mmto.org

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