[linux-audio-user] switching from windows + cubase

Thomas Pickett thomasr_pickett at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 18 23:21:56 EDT 2004


I'm considering switching for Windows to Linux for my audio stuff.  I have a 
  few questions.

1) I have some Cubase projects, and I mostly care about the midi sequencing. 
  If I export them to midi files, will I be able to restore most of the 
information in Linux?

2) This is my first install.  Can you suggest a distro for a 1.6 GHz Athlon 
machine that would be good and stable for audio yet not be too hard to set 
up and get working?  Preferably something with a 2.6 kernel.  I was going to 
go with Mandrake, but I really don't know.  Definitely something like Debian 
or Gentoo is too involved for me right now.

3) I have a Soundblaster Audigy.  Should I look into getting a new 
soundcard?  What is a good internel or external box that is supported well?

4) Can you recommend a set of software that will be enough to get started 
with?  I know that there are many many options and I would just appreciate a 
little direction so I don't get discouraged.  I just want to record vocals, 
record midi and use my synthesizer, mix them together, and process it all 
with some plugins.

That's all, and thanks for any information.


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