[linux-audio-user] regarding SCons

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sat Apr 24 18:38:56 EDT 2004

> >scons was not too problematic to build and install, although a little
> >confusing at first. but now that it's installed, i've had no luck with
> >csound5, compilation fails somewhere on the way. what about you, have you
> >had better luck? or anyone?
> >
> >BTW, my installation has no man page either.
> >
> Btw, I installed SCons myself some time ago, when Planet C wasn't 
> up-to-date with CheeseTracker, so I don't have the default Planet C 
> installation. I even updated to the latest version, but I still don't 
> have a man page for SCons...

For some reason the install target for scons does not install the man
pages. I had to "manually" install them for my packages. Look in the
source directory, they are there. Gzip them and copy to (this is what is
part of my package):

# rpm -q -l scons|grep man1

-- Fernando

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