[linux-audio-user] rezound as jack client

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Fri Apr 30 16:00:40 EDT 2004

My current [Gentoo] Rezound doesn't do this on my PC, but does on my 
PPC. Also, I remember my CCRMA Rezound acting similar. If that isn't bad 
enough, you also won't get anything like normal throughput using Rezound 
+ Jack. My typical experience in this way had lots of glitches and 
awful, repetitive buffering noises.

In such a situation, Rezound is totally unreliable for recording with 
Jack, and its only thinkable use would be to edit samples while in th 
emiddle of a Jack session.

The problem is that Rezound is a very unruley Jack client, and the 
makers fully acknowledge this. One solution is to put more pressure [in 
the nicest possibly way] on the Rezound list to make the app fully 
compatible with Jack.

Another problem, which goes hand-in-hand with this, is Audacity's 
anachronistic dependency on OSS. The new versions of Audacity can do 
lots of stuff that I otherwise would use Ardour for... namely the 
ability to load lots of different clips and do my arrangements there. 
But without Jack, or even ALSA, I don't see myself ever using it as a 
real sound app in my setup. So Rezound, buggy as it is, remains the main 

good luck,

R Parker wrote:

> I've always had trouble getting the Rezound CCRMA
> package to work as a jack client. When starting, it
> asks what alsa_pcm:playback is wanted, establishes the
> connection with jack but never starts the gui.
> root      8244  1.8  2.1 19376 19376 pts/8   SL  
> 12:00   0:03 rezound --audio-method=jack
> It starts fine if the audio method isn't jack. It also
> will start with jack as the audio method if I compile
> from source. Is there some trick I need to employ?

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